iFISH probe design

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ggirelli/iFISH-probe-design (2.0.2)


Contributing Guidelines


Hi there, thank you for considering contributing to iFISH-probe-design to help us make our code a better version of itself!

iFISH-probe-design is an open source project, and as such any kind of contribution is welcome! There are many ways to contribute, from improving the code, the documentation, submitting bug reports, requesting new features or writing tutorials or blog posts.

Ground Rules

To see what kinds of behaviour are ucceptable when contributing to iFISH-probe-design, please refer to our code of conduct.

Getting started

We host iFISH-probe-design on github, where we also track issues and feature requests, as well as accept pull requests.

Please, note that any contributions you make will be under the MIT Software License. In other words, all your submissions are understood to be under the same MIT License that covers the iFISH-probe-design project. Feel free to contact us if that’s a concern.

How to submit a contribution

To process code change, we follow the Github Flow. All code changes to our master branch happen through pull requests. We actively welcome your pull requests!

How to report a bug

If you want to reporte a bug, please use the github issue tracker and follow the issue template that should automatically load up.

How to suggest a feature or enhancement

If you would like to see a new feature implemented in iFISH-probe-design, or to have an already existing feature improved, please use the github issue tracker and follow the template that should automatically load up.